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Important tips while Preparing for the GMAT Exam In Mobile Apps

For MBA applicants all around the world, the fearsome GMAT often becomes the toughest hurdle on the long road to reputable business schools. It’s true that most of the schools now accept the GRE, but GMAT still remains the founding pillar for an MBA application if you want to hit the jackpot.

Here are some important tips to guide your GMAT exam preparation.

1. Identify the learning style suitable for you and then look for a resource that fits. You would come across plenty of GMAT study resources enough to puzzle you. The best thing would be to think about your previous exam success and try to channelize those experiences in the GMAT preparation. The interactive mode of the Economist GMAT Tutor often becomes very helpful. The online platform resembles the actual GMAT, which calms your nerves and enhances confidence on the day of the exam.

2. Watch the clock carefully. There has always been a fine line between the timing during an exam and its ability to stress you out. So, don’t ignore the clock! GMAT happens to be the most time-sensitive exam you would encounter. Focus on the time-per-question method while practicing and try to simulate exam day scenarios in your prep tests.

3. Always minimize your exam day stress. Get a brief idea about the location of your exam center, arrive as early as possible, make sure to eat a solid breakfast; all of these tips we have heard several times but the fact is we forget to put those into action when they matter most!

4. During preparation make sure to follow exactly what you plan to do in the exam. The GMAT comes with a unique format and the difficulty level climbs up the better you handle the questions; so you have to repeat tests which challenge you the same way. Such as knowing exactly where the answer button is located may spare you a few vital seconds, and it is invaluable in timed tests. The best advice is to go for a preparation course that includes mostly computer adaptive tests.

5. Don’t ever focus only on your weak points; you have to improve your strengths also. For instance, in the exam, you can compensate for a decent score in one section with a jackpot score in the other one. Give plenty of time to prepare and a wise advice would don’t just passively go through the material; repeat practicing the questions and adjust the timing. A day before the examination, try to schedule a prep test later in the afternoon and just relax all day free from all other responsibilities. This will give you relaxing morning before you leave for the exam center.

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Top Iphone Apps

Whether you have just picked up a new iPhone and wondering what the best apps to download in your phone or looking for an application revamp, the following apps are some of the best iOS apps, and it is a must to have these apps on your phones for various purposes.


We are constantly worried about our security, and we want to keep our mobiles and applications safely. But it is also a tough job to remember all the passwords for multiple things. The 1Password app syncs with your desktop app, and it keeps an account of all your passwords in a secure place. As remembering passwords for various apps can be difficult you can download 1Password where you just have to remember one password and the app will do the job of saving all your other passwords securely.


We all are in need of cabs at some point of the day. Even though there are many cabs on the road, there are times when we simply can’t get a cab at the time we want them. To save yourself some time you can download the lyft application where you can schedule your pick up and drop location. The charges are usually much lesser than what is charged by the taxi drivers. The app works in a way that if the rides to your destination have a higher demand, then the prices will also go high. You also have the facility to share your ride, where you can share your ride with another person who is going to the same destination as yours.

Dark Sky:

One of the other things we constantly worry about is the weather condition. The dark sky is a brilliant app that predicts the weather condition of the exact location you are in, and it also tells you the weather at that particular time. The app is particular, and it also has other fascinating features like maps, widgets etc.


Who does not love listening to some music? Your day becomes better when you listen to some music. The app Spotify allows you to listen to your favourite music. The app also has a radio feature where you can discover the new tunes and also play the latest tracks on your phone. You have options to choose playlists on the radio and sync it to your phone and even listen to the track offline. The app does not allow any ads, and you will not constantly be bothered with annoying ads that get played in the middle of your music track.


Have you ever had an idea out of nowhere and wanted to write it down so that you can use it later. Evernote app allows you to write down your ideas. It is a virtual notebook where you can write down anything you want and even download pictures or videos. You can save images and even audio files.


Top 5 Android Apps

Mobile applications have become a part of us, and we have started to depend on them on a large scale. Google Play Store has a lot of apps that are quite useful and entertaining to most of us. There are just too many useful apps that you cannot just list all of them.

Top 5 Android Apps

The following some of the best android apps in the world:


One of the things we constantly check is the weather condition. Most of us check the weather forecasts on the news or get updates from the local radio channel.  1Weather provides you weather updates on your phone, and it is a brilliant app that will show the weather forecast for the next 12 weeks. The app also shows you fun stats and other customisable widgets which will serve as a notification if a storm is coming or if it is going to be a nice sunny day. You have a free version and a paid version. The paid version is about $1.99, and you will not see any additional ads on the paid version.

Google Maps:

Google Maps is undoubtedly one of the best Apps in the world. It is a brilliant application which provides you navigation routes. You also get traffic updates and the best possible route to take to reach your destination. You also have a voice that directs you while driving. Google maps also have other features like nearest gas stations, places of interest, rest stops etc. Navigation has become so much easier with Google Maps, and it has changed our driving experience.


Everyone wants our Android apps to be safe and secure. We are so much concerned about our privacy, and we do not want our data to be lost or stolen. ExpressVPN is an excellent app to keep your Android devices safe especially when you have your device connected to a public Wi-Fi. The app acts as a stable VPN, and it is a secure brand. It is also very fast and safe to access. They have their servers in about 78 countries and over 100 locations all over the world.

Pocket Casts:

If you are a podcast lover, then you will certainly love the pocket cast application. The app is very stable and also very easy to access. You can download and stream multiple podcasts and enjoy them on your phone. The app also features video podcasts and also audio-only support so that you can play anything you want. You also have a light and dark theme in the app, and you have a sign-in option which allows you to sync all your podcasts with many devices.


Textra is an excellent texting mobile app which allows you to send SMS and MMS messages. The app also has a group text where you can send text messages to a group of people. You also have a bot which provides you updates about the message delivery.

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