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Best mobile apps for antique collectors

If you are an antique collector but you are uncomfortable with the idea of visiting the flea market for shopping vintage items, then you will be glad to know that you have a great alternate option available: online shopping.

Nowadays, there are plenty of mobile apps that can help you browse and purchase antique pieces pretty conveniently. These apps are great for antique collectors who want to avoid the hassles of buying at flea markets or bidding at auction houses.

Following are the best mobile apps for antique collectors:

5 Miles
5 Miles is a really useful and cool flea market app that is ideal for anyone looking to buy antique items, e.g. poison ring, vintage furniture, etc. locally. The app allows you to filter and select the items that are available in your neighborhood and decide if the antique piece you are looking for is somewhere between 5 miles and 50 miles away. This is a good alternative to attending garage sales or swap meets.

5 Miles has strong functionality and user-friendly interface. It highlights items by ‘lowest or highest price’, ‘closest’, ‘most recent’, and ‘most relevant’ to have the items sorted accordingly. The best thing about this app is that it is completely free to use.

Varage Sale
Varage Sale is one of the best mobile apps for collectors because it brings together the best of brick-and-mortar world with the online vintage shopping world, making it both fun and safe for buyers who are looking to buy antique pieces like poison ring, Persian rug, vintage furniture, etc.

best mobile apps

The app has feed of items that is constantly updated, along with categories that make it easy to find what you wish to buy. If you bought an antique piece from a seller and you are happy with the transaction, you can leave a review about the seller as well as add them to your favorite sellers list. This is a great way to create your own virtual community.

Close 5
Close 5 is a fun and easy way to buy antique items as it brings together buyers and sellers within a 5-mile radius. Sellers can list their vintage items very quickly and add photos captured via their phones, along with a short description and asking price.

Buyers looking to buy the item can contact the sellers to negotiate the price. With this app, you can find local deals on antique items in a number of different categories. You can also extend your search radius to 50 miles if you are having a difficulty finding the desired item.


Carousell is a free app that allows you to trade second-hand and vintage items. There are wide range of categories, including antiques, bikes, cars, branded goods, books, art, furniture, etc., making it a breeze to search and find what you wish to buy.

The integrated keyword system and the user-friendly interface of the app help you find offers quickly. All in all, the catalogue inspired interface and the community features of the Carousell app make for an easy and safe option to trade a wide range of antique objects, making it one of the best mobile apps for collectors.

As you can see, there are several quality mobile apps that are suitable for antique collectors. It is recommended that you choose the one that best suits your preferences.

Top Lawyer mobile applications

mobile applications

Technology is very pervasive and has shown proof of its ability to transcend all kinds of activities, industries, workplaces, and careers. Mobile apps are intended to invest in all areas: transport, aeronautics, industry, logistics, agriculture, health, leisure, defence, education, trade. Even what used to be an office cluttered with books, paper, and typewriter, which can be associated with the legal profession, is not immune to the advances in technology. Hence, throughout the year’s pregnancy discrimination lawyer, mobile apps have become everyday gadgets in effectively executing their sworn services as legal counsel to their trusting clients.

Here are seven of the best lawyer mobile apps with the most bang for their (often nonexistent) buck.

Box and Dropbox
Box and Dropbox are perhaps two of the most popular applications available to pregnancy discrimination lawyers. Still, they’re so game-changing that it’s worth the mention for those who have yet to hop on board. Both Box and Dropbox are document storage and sharing platforms that are tremendously useful for any firm looking to minimize or altogether eradicate its dependence on paper. Through either of these databases, attorneys are free to hold their firm’s and clients’ files, sharing them with the appropriate involved parties with the utmost security. We recommend not only adopting Box or Dropbox into your law firm’s arsenal but also looking for a practice management software that integrates directly with either (or both!) of them, thereby making your file management as easy and streamlined as possible.

mobile applications

It lets you load a court or deposition transcript straight into the app to read your Ipad. You can code and annotate the transcript as you go, and when you’re drafting your motion for summary judgment, you can easily extract the information for each particular issue and argument.

Asana is both a website and mobile app designed to help firms and companies of any size stay on top of their tasks and general productivity. With Asana, create a group or individual task lists with one-time, repeating, or daily deadlines. You can also create and view timelines of task completion, allowing you to keep abreast of every step in the process your employees take to get their work done. With Asana, firm-wide coordination becomes as easy, intuitive, and automated as can be, making it one of the best pregnancy discrimination lawyer apps– actually of the year.

mobile applications

As far as ideal setups go, this is secondary to having a practice management software with a built-in internal chat function. However, Slack is still a useful enough mobile application to any entrepreneur that it’s entirely worth to mention. Slack also enables you to create channels, including specific groups of people or dedicated to particular contacts, matters, or departments within your law firm. Slack is undoubtedly an excellent option.

If your practice management software integrates with software, then you are poised for a firm-changing experience. This platform connects your software with over a thousand of your favorite lawyer mobile apps and platforms, enabling you to incorporate them into your practice management software even if a direct integration does not already exist.
There are a lot of mobile applications on the web for lawyers. To enjoy the full benefits of the one that is perfect for you, you better start exploring the internet as it is one wide technology for pregnancy discrimination lawyers that you can never take for granted.

Best Cannabis Mobile Apps

These days there are mobile apps for everything and so it is only natural that there is are a number of different cannabis mobile apps out there. Whether you are looking to smoke, vape, partake of edibles, or are looking for topical using an app can help make you aware of available products and where to get those products.

While of the cannabis mobile apps are designed specifically for smokers, other apps are dedicated to providing users with access to all different types of cannabis products, where to buy them and even additional information. Here is a look at a couple of the best cannabis mobile apps.

Leafy is probably one of the most well known of the cannabis mobile apps. This apps sorts the cannabis by strains, mood, or medical needs. It also sorts strains by the newest, most popular, etc.

In addition, you also have access to a map where you can find the closest dispensaries for cannabis edibles, topicals, concentrates and more as well as those dispensaries that offering deals.

Leafy is a mobile app for everything cannabis related and best of all it is easy to download and use.

Eaze and Eaze MD
Eaze is a mobile app for both recreational and medical cannabis. This app apprised cannabis uses on weekly deals at various dispensaries on cannabis edibles, buds, prerolls, pen cartridges, drinks, drops, sprays, topicals, tablets and capsules.

This app even lets you know where you can get your products delivered to you. This company complies with all state and local regulations. This m Marketing obile app is mainly for people in California.

EazeMd on the other hand is designed to help people within the state of California get their medical marijuana card. You pay an application fee, fill out an application and answer questions based on your medical condition after which you can either get a letter or recommendation or a plastic ID card (for an additional price) You then get to video chat with doctor.

There are several other cannabis apps available including cannabis games apps and there are even apps that tests a consumers impairment so they know if it is safe to drive. The sobriety app tests memory, reaction time and attention. Of course, the apt can’t prevent you from driving if you are high, but it can help you make better decisions if you use the apt.

If you all ready have a dispensaries that carries all of your favorite cannabis edibles and other products you may not need to use a mobile app. However, if you are a new consumer then downloading one of these apps can help you learn more about cannabis and a variety of cannabis products as well as help to you find where you can purchase high quality cannabis products. In addition, some mobile apps can help you keep up with any changes in the law affecting cannabis and make you a better informed user.

Best of all mobile apps can be used wherever you happen to be, so that you can find what you need even when visiting out of town.

Best Cannabis Mobile Apps

cannabis oil benefits

With the legalization of marijuana products in the industry, the software developers are working on some creative projects to ease the buying process for consumers. Many apps have been launched into the market, and they are loaded with all amazing features. With this, there is no need to visit the dispensaries and medical marijuana stores; buyers can simply place orders for their medications online. There are numbers of 3D simulation systems, interactive marijuana games and social networking platforms to make consumption simpler.

Most of the patient that needs to buy cannabis medications time and again might be interested to know more about these apps. Well, below we have highlighted some of the most popular platforms to ease your purchase.


cannabis oil benefits

You might have heard about Tamagotchi of cannabis mobile app; SimLeaf also has the almost same concept but with few advanced features. People call it a comprehensive and interactive grow simulator with lots of variables and easy to adjust settings. Users can choose 1000W or 600W lamp as per their needs. They can even adjust the nutrient regime and pH level. If you succeed in taking care of your virtual harvest; the app will offer you several rewards along with cannabis oil benefits. Note that, this app is currently available for the iOS platform; you can start using it by paying $1.99 only.


This app has gained huge popularity in the past few years. It is currently serving millions of active members from all different states. MassRoots platform can help you to create a network of cannabis enthusiasts from recreation, healthcare, and industry sector. You will be happy to hear that MassRoots also provide services to view cannabis related content and news updates. It will help you understand the global view of cannabis medicines. Being a part of this app, you can also share news, videos, picture and many other updates. This cannabis mobile app is currently available for iOS and Android platform, and you can access it for free.


cannabis oil benefits

WeedMaps is serving clients from the year 2008, and today, it has become a big name in the industry. The main aim of this app is to serve a wide range of businesses and cannabis specialists, including doctors dispensaries and delivery services. It is loaded with many creative options and provide interesting content related to marijuana and cannabis oil benefits. Users can access this cannabis mobile app for free on Android and iOS platform.


Here is a heavy hitter in the market, but you cannot find this app directly in the standard stores; rather, you have to get it directly from the makers. It is not just a simulator based game; Growtronix is better known as all round automation system. It is made up of several hardware and software components. Once you buy this package, you will receive many controllers, including humidity, temperature and network interface sensors. Moreover, the software works perfectly on a smartphone and desktop platform.

You can pick any of these creative apps to get started with an amazing experience to enjoy your journey with cannabis oil benefits.

Apps That Help you Save Money on Prescriptions

Saving more money is always a good thing. This means you need a lot more money to implement other important measures that will create more value than you have. You can also save extra money in an emergency fund or retirement account to build a better future. This also includes more financial freedom and more opportunities for the development of your business.

If your current state of health requires prescription drugs, you know the cost. Rising drug costs have increasingly affected consumer portfolios and health. However, skipping the medicine because you cannot afford them can worsen your health. Fortunately, there are apps that can help you lower your costs and make the prescriptions more affordable using the discount prescription card. We have compiled a list of best Rx discount apps that can help you save money on your prescriptions.

GoodRX discount prescription card makes it easy to compare drug prices in many pharmacies. By providing cash and sales prices, as well as coupons and savings, the claim claims to be able to provide 80% of the cost of prescription drugs to users. The cost of some prescriptions is less than $ 4, and you can even find others for free. It can be used for the whole family an even the pets.

GoodRx Gold
GoodRx Gold is a paid version of GoodRX service, which costs $ 9.99 per month and offers exclusive access to more discounts on prescription and health care for up to six family members. With over 1,000 prescriptions of less than $ 10, users can save up to 90%. They can even access medical consultations for $ 10.

OneRx is an Rx discount card that allows you to securely enter your insurance information to view your payments, as well as discount card discounts, manufacturer discount coupons, and patient assistance programs (PAP) on all FDA approved drugs. Easy to set up and receive alerts on prescriptions on best prices for the whole family, including pets. Save up to 90% on prescription drugs and get the most out of your insurance benefits at the same time. Users reported that 50% and 75% are saved more on the prescriptions than the co-pays

LowestMed is an application that allows users to search, compare drug prices and get coupons to save money instantly. This Rx discount card is available for all FDA-approved brand and generic drugs at major retailers. LowestMed says its coupons do not expire and can be used indefinitely. Users can get insurance or not, it does not matter

FamilyWize is a mobile discount prescription card that helps users gets the best possible prices from the country’s leading independent pharmacies. This application claims to have helped millions of people to save more than $ 1 billion with an Rx discount. FamilyWize is a free application where you can download or print a discount card and use it at any main pharmacy. The FamilyWize card is accepted at all major drugstores and average savings is 40% per prescription. This Rx discount card is for anyone. Always compare the prices of the pharmacy with the app’s drug search tool and receive reminders when filling out the prescriptions. It can also save the product for comparison in the future.

Blink Health
Blink Health application can save up to 95% on the prescriptions. Blink Health Rx discount card app is accepted at more than 40,000 pharmacies across the country, including Walmart, Rite Aid, Kroger, Kmart, Sam’s Club and more on more than 15,000 drugs. Users can pay via the app before taking their prescriptions to the pharmacy of their choice. There are no membership fees or monthly bonuses.

Good Neighbor RX
Good Neighbor Rx discount prescription card aims to help users, whether or not they are covered by insurance, up to 90% of prescription drugs. It’s fast, easy and totally free. Users can also compare the drugs approved by FDA at local pharmacies across the country, including Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Kroger, Costco and many more. For using Good neighbor RX discount, no insurance is required.

Easy Drug Card
Easy Drug Card is a discount prescription application that can help you to save money on your prescriptions, if you do not have insurance or if the insurance does not cover drugs cost. Easy Drug differs from other similar applications in that it can also be used to store your pet’s medications. With the Easy Drug Card, you get up to 80% off the price of your prescription.

ScriptSave WellRX
ScriptSave WellRx helps you get the lowest price on the drugs and offers the discounts to save you more. Enter medicine name along with the zip code, and app will find the local pharmacy offering lowest price. Download the ScriptSave WellRX Rx discount card and save up to 80% on the prescription. This is especially useful for those who have no insurance or have very high payments.

CVS ExtraCare
CVS ExtraCare is one of the best apps that can help you save money on your prescriptions. With this Rx discount app, you can manage your prescriptions and sign up for the Health Rewards program. By using this program, you can earn credits that can be redeemed for the target coupons. You can earn $ 5 for every 10 credits earned.

Walgreens is a tool that can be used to manage the prescription of your family. You can also transfer the prescriptions, order packages and even talk to a pharmacy expert via the app. The app can also help you save money by earning points to fill your prescriptions. Earn 100 points for 30-day prescription collected at the store, get 300 points for prescription of 90 days and get 100 points on every vaccination. These points can be redeemed for the discounts at the register.

If you are looking for the best app that can save you some money, consider this list of best apps available for getting a discount on your prescription and choose the one that is best for you.

Best Cannabis Mobile Apps

Although there are many cannabis mobile apps available for both Android and iOS platforms, finding the one that works well can be quite difficult. However, if you know where to look, you can find some quality mobile apps that are both informative and fun. This article reviews some of the best cannabis apps around. So, if you are looking to install a cannabis app on your smartphone, then it is recommended that you check the following apps out:

Leafly Marijuana App

Leafly Marijuana is one of the best marijuana apps around. This reliable and highly informative app will help you learn about various different cannabis strains. You can also use this app’s detailed map to find the best cannabis strains. Leafly Marijuana app can help you locate cannabis dispensaries in your area that carry the certain strain that you are looking for. So not only does this mobile app make purchasing marijuana easier, it will also save you a lot of time. Furthermore, you can use the Leafly Marijuana app to read dozens of user reviews in order to determine whether the certain cannabis strain is right for you.

The Marijuana Times

This is another app that you should install on your smartphone if you want to keep up with everything pot. On this mobile app, you can read the latest news related to cannabis, including recreational marijuana, medical marijuana, cultivation, and legislation. If you are serious about the cannabis industry, then this is the perfect app for you. is another amazing mobile app that is highly informative. You can use this app to read informative and interesting marijuana news as well as read articles, blogs, and other publications. also has a social media function that you can use to talk with like-minded cannabis lovers. You can even private chat via this mobile app.

Cannabis Mobile App


Weedmaps is one of the most popular marijuana apps available for smartphones. This app is an excellent marijuana strain locator that can guide you in the right direction. The app has a large database of marijuana dispensaries and medical cannabis-friendly doctors in Canada, U.S., and Europe. So, even if you are traveling abroad, you can use this mobile app to quickly and easily find dispensaries to meet your needs. Furthermore, the reviews about the dispensaries are also shown on the map which will help you decide whether a certain dispensary is right for you.


This is another useful cannabis mobile app that offers something a little different. If you are an investor, then you can use this app to find cannabis-related stocks to invest in. You can also read reviews related to the cannabis industry to stay informed. The mobile app is perfect for you if you are an investor and want to expand your knowledge of the cannabis industry.

As you can see, there are many reliable cannabis mobile apps available that you are very helpful in several different ways. Whether you are a marijuana user, investor, or just someone who wants to learn more about the cannabis industry, these apps will help you do so.

Best Marijuana Mobile Apps

Marijuana has proven health benefits. That said, not everyone knows or can afford the time to get to know these benefits due to busy life schedules. Hence, companies have developed and made apps that cater to various needs concerning marijuana.

So, the following are some of the best android marijuana mobile apps (informative, games, commercial, all included) that can benefit you.

Educational and News

Leafy is an educational app from Leafy Holdings, Inc. The app contains information about thousands of marijuana strains to help you learn about the various kinds. You get to explore flavors, reviews, and ratings of different cannabis strains and products.

Further, you also get a map feature for finding a pot dispensary near your location. Thus, not only you get to learn about cannabis but also can locate a source to get some for your use. Apart from all these, you also get a dedicated news column to keep you updated about the latest happenings in the world of cannabis like a marijuana business conference and meetups.

Speaking of the user experience, the UI is clean and straightforward. You can easily navigate across the provided news, search and map features. However, this simplicity in design also means that the app misses out on certain features like sorting by brand or saving favorites, which some other apps in the market provide. Further, some listings might lack detailed information like CBD or THC %.

If you can look over these small shortcomings, you have an app that can efficiently serve your needs.

Weedmaps Marijuana Cannabis and Weed Reviews
This marijuana mobile app from Weedmaps offers a complete package relating to cannabis. It is a combination of an information source and an online store. For starters, you get to learn cannabis terminology with the built-in dictionary. With the provided maps, you can quickly locate cannabis stores nearby you. Sweetening the deal, you also get the ability to place an order online and either have it pick up yourself or get it delivered to your house.

Further, you also get notified of the best deals near you; thus, making your cannabis shopping experience even more appealing. The app keeps information about products from top cannabis brands and marijuana business conferences. From this massive database, you get to choose between thousands of dispensaries and delivery menus.

The UI is responsive and user-friendly; thus, allowing you to get acquainted with the features in the least amount of time.

The Weedmaps Marijuana Cannabis and Weed Reviews app aggregates all the necessary elements to help you know, learn, find and buy cannabis strains and products, making it an all-around package.

New Cannabis Ventures
The New Cannabis Ventures from NCV Media, LLC covers all the business news related to cannabis. It is your one-stop place for all types of news, be it breaking and exclusive, investor related or company related. You can also check out stock news on traded cannabis. Further, you also get notified about the thoughts of leaders in the field along with updates about various products and services in the market.

The app interface is minimal with easy access to all features and categories of news. Browsing through the stories and the app itself is effortless.
If it only the news relating to cannabis that you are concerned with, then the New Cannabis Ventures app is for you to go with.


Jane – Cannabis Plants Growing Partner
Think of Jane as your personalized logbook for keeping records when growing cannabis plants. With the help of this app from Growithjane, you get complete guidance over the whole process, from planting seeds to harvesting. It keeps you organized with related tasks.

This app consists of growth logs and reminders for essential tasks. Further, you also get a custom planner for timely watering and feeding the plants. Jane helps you keep things simple to make for an excellent cannabis culture experience. Apart from these, Jane also enables you to keep track of your trees and environments, and you also get the liberty of clicking and storing pictures of your plants.

Jane manages to stick to the primary purpose of the app by having a task-focused design. Every aspect of the app is clearly labeled or indicated for the user to understand and perform the intended task.

Socialization is a social interaction app from Evergreen Buzz. This mobile marijuana app lets you explore other cannabis users on the Internet. Further, you get the ability to connect and stay in touch with others (via messages) and take part in discussions and know about events like a marijuana business conference. The app is very much capable of posting media content like images and videos and sharing it with everyone in WeedFeed.

Regarding cannabis related information, you get to view businesses, menus, photos, videos, and reviews about cannabis. Apart from these, you get a dedicated blog with latest stories in and around the cannabis sphere.
The app UI is pretty similar to the other socializing apps out in the market, so using this mobile app would not be a problem if you are acquainted with the most socializing apps.

If socializing with your cannabis buddies is your priority, then this is the app for you.


MyWeed – Weed Growing Game
MyWeed from Askdevelop is best for casual gaming while tending your desires as a cannabis farmer in a virtual world. In the game, you are provided with a plant along with various options to go with like destroy, water, fertilizer, shop, and extra. The primary purpose of the game is to grow a virtual cannabis plant, which requires you to collect coins to buy essentials like potions. You get to collect these coins by playing the available mini weed games. Collect enough, and you get to buy your requisites.

Additionally, you also have to perform specific tasks to get achievements and also get a basic idea about various weed types through its database.
MyWeed is an effective time killer to keep you engaged for those short moments when you are waiting on someone or are just bored.

Weed Firm: Replanted
Weed Firm: Replanted from Koolbros is a highly-engaging role-playing game. In this game, you act as a botanist whose primary aim is to plant, grow and sell various marijuana strains to make money. Additionally, you also get tasks and challenges to keep you engaged. Further, you have to perform specific tasks like customizing shop, adding accessories to attract customers. To make the game even more challenging, you have to defend your store against cops, thugs and aliens.

All in all, it is an effective way to kill time while nurturing a hobby for growing plants.

That concludes the best marijuana mobile apps in the market.

Best Interior Design Apps

Are you looking to renovate your home interiors? Or is it about refurnishing an existing office space or décor? Not finding enough time running from pillar to post to identify and shortlist an interior designer to do the job? Why venture outside when you can do so by using your fingertips? Mobile apps – solutions to a plethora of asks and wants of daily lives.

Let’s look at some of the best interior designing apps you can rely upon. There are several new mobile apps developed specifically to address some serious interior designing requirements by people.

What are the best interior design apps available today?

Interior Design App

In this millennial generation, everything can be called at your doorstep by just click on your smartphone. App developers have ventured into every market to provide solutions to not only existing asks and wants of the consumer but also opened new and innovative approaches to enquiries which were not too prominent earlier.

Interior designing apps are such applications which have created a niche for themselves and generate huge demand in the consumer market (especially the millennials who do not have enough time to even venture out for ‘window shopping’!)

Some of the best interior design apps to learn about area rugs can be listed out as follows:

  • Pinterest
  • Houzz
  • Hootsuite
  • iHandy Level
  • Artfully Walls
  • Morpholio Board
  • Wunderlist
  • Room Planner LE Home Design App
  • Homestyler Interior Design
  • ColorSmart
  • Pantone Studio
  • Zillow Digs
  • And many more…

Pinterest is, usually, one of the most preferred choices for identifying interior design trends, idea repository, planner, companies offering such services etc.

Houzz is another such new mobile apps, that has acquired quite a huge amount of popularity in a short time. It allows the customer to identify remodelling, and decorating options for their living or commercial spaces. To make it more intriguing an appeal, this mobile application offers the viewer with high-resolution images as well.

Homestyler Interior Design app another new mobile apps, that not only engages a client but also provides an interior designer with several engaging and out-of-the-box ideas to conceptualise an existing space and give it an altogether new and welcoming meaning. Its high-resolution and 3D image offerings enable the onlooker to choose the best solution for himself.

MagicPlan gives the user with an opportunity to play around with the designs at his or her own comfort. Choose the right dimensions or select it from the menu and the user can download some of the most fascinating options for his or her living space.

Sun Surveyor Lite is another new mobile apps, which enables the user to find the right positioning of their furniture. This doesn’t just bring a new life to the entire living space but also makes the space a lot more breathable. Not only does this app helps position the furniture but it is also a great help to fix the electronic items, plants, artwork etc. in different rooms or spaces depending upon the color contrast, location, etc.

All these apps are a blessing in disguise, for they are adept in offering some of the most creative solutions in shortest possible time.

Should Your Church Create A Mobile App?

Mobile apps are convenient for users and allows them to access your information easier than having to go to your website. However, is a church mobile app a wise investment for your congregation? Although you’d like to keep up with the latest technology to reach more church members, it might not an ideal investment worth the cost and time it takes to create a church mobile app. Even though apps can be powerful platforms, here are some things to consider before you go through with the creation of your church app:

  1. Church Mobile Apps Aren’t Cheap

Building custom app is expensive. You’re looking at $100,000 or more to create an app for your church. A six-figure custom app is unattainable for churches, but app templates are more affordable. Using pre-made templates saves on cost and look just as good as custom options. Plus, you’ll need to factor in how much monthly upkeep will be! However, apps made using pre-made templates will still be expensive, making app creation an expensive endeavor any way you look at it.

  1. A Website Can Easily Do The Job of Church Mobile Apps

Many times, an app is an extension of a website. Instead of having to go through a search engine, you simply open the app. But if your website is up to par, it should be enough, making an app an unneeded investment. Maybe instead of creating an app, invest in bettering your website!

  1. Only Top Apps Are Favored

Even though app usage is high, users only open top apps. Apps like Facebook, Google Mail, Instagram, YouTube and the like are highly favored apps. An average mobile church app won’t get as much usage as these giant apps, which means the app isn’t always worth the investment in the long run.

  1. Your App Won’t Get Downloaded

No matter how much marketing you do, chances are your church mobile app won’t get downloaded. In fact, there are thousands of apps on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store that never get downloaded. People are downloading fewer apps than ever since all the good ones have been discovered already.

  1. People Who Download Apps Aren’t Always Active Users

Even if your church mobile app gets downloaded, users might not use it. So even though your download stats are high, they really don’t matter if no one uses it. Users who aren’t active aren’t benefiting from the app, which still means the app wasn’t a great investment.

  1. An App’s Push Notifications Are Hardly Enabled

As you update your church mobile app, you’ll want people to enable push notifications so that they see what’s new. But the truth is, an app’s push notifications are hardly enabled by users. Plus, you can easily send push notification for free without the need for an app. You can send out push notifications on other sites like Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and the like. Or you can use texts and emails to get the word out on new things happening in your church.

  1. The Church Mobile App Can Be Shut Down

Your church mobile app can actually be shut down at any time per Apple’s App Store rules. They can reject template-based aps whenever they please, which means all that money you spent on the app might be for nothing in the end!

Creating a church mobile app is a big investment and decision. If you’re going to create one, you should know what you’re really getting into to make the best decision possible.

Best iPhone Jewelry Apps

Finding the best jewelry and also learn more about the various options can be super important. It’s a crucial thing to consider getting jewelry online nowadays, and thankfully there are lots of iPhone App options out there if you want jewelry. There are so many cool ones that you will have no problem getting a good one, just because the options are so great and the value is so distinct to begin with. That’s why people love using this type of apps. They are fun to access and check out, and normally there’s no need for any additional stuff. With that in mind, here you have some cool apps for you to explore.

Brian Gavin

Brian Gavin is one of the best places where you can find some of the highest quality diamonds. They are a professional diamond cutting service, and they do bring in front a very exciting and rewarding experience that you will enjoy quite a bit in that perspective. In addition, the app comes with special offers, a very simple way to shop around and you can even do diamond search in there as well. That alone makes the entire experience of finding good jewelry exciting, and that on its own is super exciting no matter what happens. Shopping from them is very handy and the best part is that you can adjust and adapt things the way you want. All you need is to check that out so you can get the best experience.


This iPhone app is great for those that want to get diamonds in India. It has lots of jewelry with diamonds and at the same time you have fast and secure payments, as well as online benefits like free shipping, cash on delivery and instant returns too. They also do a very good job at outlining all the jewelry information here, which is always a very good thing to have in that regard. The payment options are very good too, and that on its own is super special to say the least. It’s also nice that they have some really good images too, as you get to see the desired stuff without that much of a hassle. It works extremely great, and the value is something you will like quite a bit.

The Vow Ring Finder

The Vow Ring Finder is a good iPhone app because it makes the process of finding a good ring a whole lot easier. The app is very informative, full of great value and the quality you receive is among some of the best out there. You will also get to see where you can find those jewelry options on that page, so yes, the outcome that you can get is indeed among some of the best out there, which means you should totally give it a shot as much as you can.

Blue Nile – Diamonds & Jewelry

Blue Nile is one of those companies that do wonders when it comes to offering you high quality and value. It’s a great experience to be had here and the results that you can get are among some of the best for sure. It’s important to note that the site is full of multiple options when it comes to professional jewelry and so on. Purchasing stuff via the iPhone app is simple too, and that makes the entire experience a lot more rewarding at all times.


Naledi is a good iPhone App for those that want to find a good, distinct ring based on their needs. The cool thing here is that you can create and also purchase your ring as you see fit. The rings are pretty affordable and you do get a pretty good value for the money as a whole, which is what matters the most in such a situation. It’s also important to note that the Naledi app is very comprehensive and it even has side stones if you want to. All of that combined brings in a great experience for everyone.

Ross-Simons Jewelry Finder HD

The Ross-Simons Jewelry Finder HD is one of the most interesting iPhone app tools that you can use to get the best jewelry on the market. There are plenty of items with diamonds in here, so the return on investment can be more than ok. The overall quality is great, but it’s nice to see that you can find good products on Ross-Simons Jewelry Finder HD based on the overall price you want to focus on. They did a very good job at showing just how much quality and value you receive from stuff like this.

Gemporia Jewelry Auctions

With Gemporia Jewelry Auctions you have a pretty different website. This particular one offers you immediate access to some high quality jewelry at all times. It does a very good job at maintaining a great experience and outstanding quality, and the return on investment is more than ok all the time. It’s definitely worth the effort, so you do need to give it a shot and see how it works for you.

AU Jewelers

Finding good jewelry has never been easier, now that you are using the AU Jewelers app. This app is super good at offering high quality diamonds and jewelry at the best prices on the market. You will not have a problem finding good jewelry with it, and the best part is that the app is fast too. So the overall experience can be a fun one all the time.

As a whole, there are plenty of amazing jewelry apps that you can check out. We recommend you to try them out and see what you like the most. In the end the value is among some of the best out there, so you should definitely see which one works for you. Since there are so many features and benefits, you just have to select the app that might help and the outcome can be more than ok for you in the end!

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