Look around where you are presently, in a bus, an outdoor café or a metro rail, almost everyone is focusing on their mobile device rather than talking to the person sitting beside them. The point is that people spend a substantial part of their internet app on a mobile app. There’s an addiction of mobile devices right now, and as an app developer, you need to take advantage of this craze by carrying out an app branding that drives home the message with every click the user makes. It’s simple, don’t just create an app that satisfies the user but one that stands out in the crowd for every user.

From the onset, you need to consult with not only an app developer but also an app branding agency while developing your app. In the process of developing your app, never let the message you intend to pass to the user become a riddle that the users have to decode. As you must have noticed, users are quick to abandon app that fails to do what they expect from it. Therefore, you need to carry out mobile branding not just for the purpose of the success it will bring to your brand but the human value it adds to it. You need to pay attention and read ahead on the mobile app branding strategies that can be utilized by your mobile branding agency.

What is the First Impression Your App Is Making?

The human race has long done away with the cliché “don’t judge a book by the cover”. When it comes to mobile app branding, the first impression is all that matters. A mobile app branding agency, of course, knows that if you are going to achieve something via your app, then every available resources and skill has to be through into making the best impression. Even before your app is downloaded or used by the user, it is prejudged using some indicators which are only known by an app branding agency. Users are not mean, they don’t just have the time for trial and error. Therefore, it is either it appeals to them from the first contact or it will never mean anything to them again.

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Is It About the User or About You?

Because you are trying to achieve some set goals with your app doesn’t you should make it entirely about you. It may come harsh or hard on you, but despite your app branding efforts, it must be for the user. If it not for the user, then you have failed even before roll out. Never build your app based on what you like, what you lack or what appeals to you. What is common sense to Mr. A might be ingenuity to Mr. B. An app is beyond your friends thinking the design is cool or they love it, they are just a minute percentage of what your target audience should be. Therefore, your app branding strategies must consider what 99% of your target audience will love.

What’s Your Competitor Doing that You are Not?

Something is already out there. There’s no idea that can entirely be original, someone must have done something related. That’s where your app branding agency should look into. This will then be communicated to your app designer as a guide or a reference. Let your app branding agency research into all related apps and discuss what stands out and what doesn’t in their apps. That should be where your app branding tactics should pick up. Your app needs to stand out but don’t deviate from the norm totally, the users might not be ready for such deviation.

What’s the Story Behind the App, can it Convince the Users?

Every successful app branding campaign out there started and ended with a story. You need to blend a storyline with your app branding strategy. Involve your app branding agency as you craft a killer storyline that resonates with your brand and most importantly, your audience. You need a sales pitch when it comes to app branding. Never go down the road of those who went into the market without incorporating a story, it’s suicidal.

What Problems Will Users Encounter, Why Are You Not Fixing it?

Imagine a banking app that debits a user twice for a transaction and the bill intended to be paid still failed. You should imagine how frustrated an individual user will feel, now multiply it on a large scale. You need a mobile app branding agency to carry out a bug test every now and then especially when a new update is rolled out. Don’t just rely on the report being provided by your app developer, they will always try to cover their wrongdoings when they mess up. It will be worthless on your branding expose when your app is giving the users a headache every time it is opened. You must ensure all the bugs and errors that may make users think of your app as useless are dealt with before the users even notice it.

Can You Be Consistent with The Elements That Defines The App?

When you have an app brandy agency that knows their onions, they will let you know the importance of consistency. In the process of coming up with an app for your brand, you need to ensure it comes with a logo, color, text, and scheme that can be maintained for years. This is not where you start experimenting with these elements. Not again after you release it to the public as it will defeat your app branding goals. Throughout the app, the distinguishing elements must appear. You must personalize your app in the best way that represents your app.

Paying attention to details is the number one recipe for success when it comes to mobile app branding. All these questions are a shortcut to this recipe. Ensure you are able to provide a suitable answer to all these questions before it gets to the public domain.