SocialNightlife is a platform that allows bars and nightclubs to showcase their offers and generate more leads. The idea behind this app is simple. The client downloads Quorum, and the app will automatically let him know about any type of bars and drinking opportunities in the region.

Aside from doing just that, SocialNightlife also gives advice such as discounts for specific bars, and it even says where the bar is located. The best part is that the platform automatically selects things based on the desired area. It makes a lot of sense, and it certainly brings in front a distinct sense of convenience, which is exactly what you need to have.

Moreover, everything is done via the app. As a result, the customer doesn’t have to go on the web and study various bars and reviews. It’s all available in a single place, and that makes the entire process and the experience more fun and convenience. But Quorum can also be used for app marketing.

How can Quorum help you with app marketing?

Simply put, as a bar owner, you want to have more and more people coming to your business. The problem here is that it’s hard to get the exposure you want without investing a lot of money. PPC ads are great, but that does mean you have to pay for any person that clicks on your website. It’s not exactly convenient, and the return on investment is not amazing this way.

Quorum’s app marketing approach is a lot better. By becoming a SocialNightlife partner, you get to share information about your business within the platform. Everything is easier and simpler for you, since you have complete control over the entire experience, and the value does get better because of that.

Thanks to Quorum and its app marketing approach, you can get a huge exposure, and you don’t have to pay for any lead generated by the app. This way you have a constant presence in a niche app that helps targeted customers find you online.

Not only that, but Quorum goes even further by offering various discounts. Finding the right platform is interesting, and it can bring you some astonishing benefits without that much of a hassle. And while it’s certainly challenging to get those first customers, if you opt for app marketing you will get much better results. Plus, the investment you need to make is minimal, yet the return can be huge from something like this.

If you want to take your bar business to new levels, then app marketing via Quorum can be a very good option. This way you can get the attention of new customers all the time. That’s particularly helpful if you want to generate more exposure and leads for your business regardless of what drinks you serve. You should consider using Quorum for promoting your bar in the local area. You get to have more leads and customers, and people will get to know more about your business in the long run. In fact, you can even share discounts if you want. The app marketing possibilities brought by Quorum are limitless, so you should consider checking it out!