Planning an amazing and memorable night out with friends or a date is easier than ever with the use of today’s mobile apps that are specifically designed to guide you to the best bars, clubs, pubs, and saloons in town! No matter what sort of bar you might be looking for or where you are, there are a plethora of apps that can help you find anything from the chill local dive bar where you can relax with a pint of beer, to a swanky, plush lounge where you can rub shoulders with celebrities over exotic cocktails.

Best Bar App

We’ve chosen eight of our favorite apps that we think any one who enjoys finding cool, hip, unique, and popular bar hangouts should check out and use this weekend! With these apps, you’ll be sure to have plenty of awesome options to enjoy the nightlife!

1. Google Maps

As the granddaddy of all map guide apps that followed, Google maintains a place at the top of this list for having the most comprehensive listings and largest coverage area of any single location based map app available. Location details include hours, addresses, phone numbers, websites, photos, and other info as well as ratings and reviews which have become important gauges for the success of a business and which are pretty reliable sources of first hand accounts submitted by real people. Filters also help you to narrow down specific criteria such as costs, whether there is an ATM nearby, if there is a dress code, and more. Google Maps also presents the top results from searches of a similar type so that you have an even wider range of locations to consider. Finally, Google Maps provides directions and the most accurate GPS navigation that will take you from your search to your location with ease—what more can you ask for?

2. Foursquare

The Foursquare app made its first appearance in 2007 and since then, has become one of the most downloaded apps for finding the best restaurants, bars and lounges virtually everywhere. Users can check in and bookmark locations they visit as well as provide detailed reviews and overall ratings. The Foursquare app is clean and extremely user friendly with a pretty extensive list of filter options to refine your search. With Foursquare you can also make reservations to restaurants and even check out the drink menus ahead of time!

3. Barchick

Best Bar Apps

Launched in London in 2010, this app now covers the top bars in 50 of the worlds top cities. The app is designed to locate all the hottest bars in town and includes a filter which allows you to refine your search options. It includes the best drink special locations and is an app that is definitely for the serious bar hopper. If the nearest major city to you is not yet included in the Barchick lineup of locations, don’t worry because this app is hot and it’s well on its way to including every major city around the globe.

4. Happy Hours

As the name implies, this app is a specialized search of the best of your neighborhood happy hours! With this app, it’s easy to plan an after work get together and enjoy your favorite drinks at half price. The happy hour times, drink specials and even GPS navigation to your bar of choice are all features that this app includes. There are also photos and reviews if you still can’t make up your mind!

5. American Bars

A relatively new app which aims to be the only bar guide you’ll ever need is called American Bars. This bar guide is one of the best bar apps and is filled with all things that a true drink aficionado could ever want: a bar finder complete with reviews and GPS locator, a cocktail guide filled with recipes for thousands of delicious alcohol infused libations, a Happy Hour finder, bar trivia games, articles pertaining to the bar scene, and much more. Look for this app to really take off as it is already a top rated download and has many more exciting upgrades and features planned for the near future.

6. Yelp

Best Bar App 2

If you are looking for an app that is so popular, its name is synonymous with business ratings and reviews, then Yelp is your answer. With a comprehensive listing for every kind of business under the sun, Yelp is the definitive guide which will certainly satisfy your search for cool and hip bars and clubs based on your location. With Yelp you can narrow down your search results by other criteria such as popularity, number of reviews and also by what’s open.

7. Drink Advisor

Another new yet already very popular app for finding the hottest bars and clubs is called Drink Advisor. This app contains listings for more than 15,000 nightclubs and bars found in all of the top party cities around the world (240 mega cities and 70 smaller cities) with a massive catalogue of drinks as well. A unique feature that this app includes is a cocktail finder which helps you to find the perfect cocktail based on your selections of taste, alcohol strength, style and type of glass!

8. Yplan

For the hottest events at some of the most star studded clubs and bars, look to an app called Yplan. This app is backed by two major figures in the entertainment world, Pharrell Williams and Ashton Kutcher, who joined forces to offer a way for sophisticated bar hoppers and clubbers to stay in the know about all the premier listings in the big cities. With the Yplan app, you can even reserve tickets to specially selected events. Its a great opportunity to get in on some exclusive events and the venues also benefit by having a chance to sell the last minute tickets that are still available.

So there you have it, a pretty complete list of some of the best apps out there to satisfy your thirst for the best bars and clubs in town. Remember to have a designated driver for the night so that you can relax and really enjoy yourself. With so many options to explore and experience the nightlife as you like it, you’ll never be stuck for where to go or what to do on a Friday or Saturday night again!