cannabis oil benefits

With the legalization of marijuana products in the industry, the software developers are working on some creative projects to ease the buying process for consumers. Many apps have been launched into the market, and they are loaded with all amazing features. With this, there is no need to visit the dispensaries and medical marijuana stores; buyers can simply place orders for their medications online. There are numbers of 3D simulation systems, interactive marijuana games and social networking platforms to make consumption simpler.

Most of the patient that needs to buy cannabis medications time and again might be interested to know more about these apps. Well, below we have highlighted some of the most popular platforms to ease your purchase.


cannabis oil benefits

You might have heard about Tamagotchi of cannabis mobile app; SimLeaf also has the almost same concept but with few advanced features. People call it a comprehensive and interactive grow simulator with lots of variables and easy to adjust settings. Users can choose 1000W or 600W lamp as per their needs. They can even adjust the nutrient regime and pH level. If you succeed in taking care of your virtual harvest; the app will offer you several rewards along with cannabis oil benefits. Note that, this app is currently available for the iOS platform; you can start using it by paying $1.99 only.


This app has gained huge popularity in the past few years. It is currently serving millions of active members from all different states. MassRoots platform can help you to create a network of cannabis enthusiasts from recreation, healthcare, and industry sector. You will be happy to hear that MassRoots also provide services to view cannabis related content and news updates. It will help you understand the global view of cannabis medicines. Being a part of this app, you can also share news, videos, picture and many other updates. This cannabis mobile app is currently available for iOS and Android platform, and you can access it for free.


cannabis oil benefits

WeedMaps is serving clients from the year 2008, and today, it has become a big name in the industry. The main aim of this app is to serve a wide range of businesses and cannabis specialists, including doctors dispensaries and delivery services. It is loaded with many creative options and provide interesting content related to marijuana and cannabis oil benefits. Users can access this cannabis mobile app for free on Android and iOS platform.


Here is a heavy hitter in the market, but you cannot find this app directly in the standard stores; rather, you have to get it directly from the makers. It is not just a simulator based game; Growtronix is better known as all round automation system. It is made up of several hardware and software components. Once you buy this package, you will receive many controllers, including humidity, temperature and network interface sensors. Moreover, the software works perfectly on a smartphone and desktop platform.

You can pick any of these creative apps to get started with an amazing experience to enjoy your journey with cannabis oil benefits.