These days there are mobile apps for everything and so it is only natural that there is are a number of different cannabis mobile apps out there. Whether you are looking to smoke, vape, partake of edibles, or are looking for topical using an app can help make you aware of available products and where to get those products.

While of the cannabis mobile apps are designed specifically for smokers, other apps are dedicated to providing users with access to all different types of cannabis products, where to buy them and even additional information. Here is a look at a couple of the best cannabis mobile apps.

Leafy is probably one of the most well known of the cannabis mobile apps. This apps sorts the cannabis by strains, mood, or medical needs. It also sorts strains by the newest, most popular, etc.

In addition, you also have access to a map where you can find the closest dispensaries for cannabis edibles, topicals, concentrates and more as well as those dispensaries that offering deals.

Leafy is a mobile app for everything cannabis related and best of all it is easy to download and use.

Eaze and Eaze MD
Eaze is a mobile app for both recreational and medical cannabis. This app apprised cannabis uses on weekly deals at various dispensaries on cannabis edibles, buds, prerolls, pen cartridges, drinks, drops, sprays, topicals, tablets and capsules.

This app even lets you know where you can get your products delivered to you. This company complies with all state and local regulations. This m Marketing obile app is mainly for people in California.

EazeMd on the other hand is designed to help people within the state of California get their medical marijuana card. You pay an application fee, fill out an application and answer questions based on your medical condition after which you can either get a letter or recommendation or a plastic ID card (for an additional price) You then get to video chat with doctor.

There are several other cannabis apps available including cannabis games apps and there are even apps that tests a consumers impairment so they know if it is safe to drive. The sobriety app tests memory, reaction time and attention. Of course, the apt can’t prevent you from driving if you are high, but it can help you make better decisions if you use the apt.

If you all ready have a dispensaries that carries all of your favorite cannabis edibles and other products you may not need to use a mobile app. However, if you are a new consumer then downloading one of these apps can help you learn more about cannabis and a variety of cannabis products as well as help to you find where you can purchase high quality cannabis products. In addition, some mobile apps can help you keep up with any changes in the law affecting cannabis and make you a better informed user.

Best of all mobile apps can be used wherever you happen to be, so that you can find what you need even when visiting out of town.