Marijuana has proven health benefits. That said, not everyone knows or can afford the time to get to know these benefits due to busy life schedules. Hence, companies have developed and made apps that cater to various needs concerning marijuana.

So, the following are some of the best android marijuana mobile apps (informative, games, commercial, all included) that can benefit you.

Educational and News

Leafy is an educational app from Leafy Holdings, Inc. The app contains information about thousands of marijuana strains to help you learn about the various kinds. You get to explore flavors, reviews, and ratings of different cannabis strains and products.

Further, you also get a map feature for finding a pot dispensary near your location. Thus, not only you get to learn about cannabis but also can locate a source to get some for your use. Apart from all these, you also get a dedicated news column to keep you updated about the latest happenings in the world of cannabis like a marijuana business conference and meetups.

Speaking of the user experience, the UI is clean and straightforward. You can easily navigate across the provided news, search and map features. However, this simplicity in design also means that the app misses out on certain features like sorting by brand or saving favorites, which some other apps in the market provide. Further, some listings might lack detailed information like CBD or THC %.

If you can look over these small shortcomings, you have an app that can efficiently serve your needs.

Weedmaps Marijuana Cannabis and Weed Reviews
This marijuana mobile app from Weedmaps offers a complete package relating to cannabis. It is a combination of an information source and an online store. For starters, you get to learn cannabis terminology with the built-in dictionary. With the provided maps, you can quickly locate cannabis stores nearby you. Sweetening the deal, you also get the ability to place an order online and either have it pick up yourself or get it delivered to your house.

Further, you also get notified of the best deals near you; thus, making your cannabis shopping experience even more appealing. The app keeps information about products from top cannabis brands and marijuana business conferences. From this massive database, you get to choose between thousands of dispensaries and delivery menus.

The UI is responsive and user-friendly; thus, allowing you to get acquainted with the features in the least amount of time.

The Weedmaps Marijuana Cannabis and Weed Reviews app aggregates all the necessary elements to help you know, learn, find and buy cannabis strains and products, making it an all-around package.

New Cannabis Ventures
The New Cannabis Ventures from NCV Media, LLC covers all the business news related to cannabis. It is your one-stop place for all types of news, be it breaking and exclusive, investor related or company related. You can also check out stock news on traded cannabis. Further, you also get notified about the thoughts of leaders in the field along with updates about various products and services in the market.

The app interface is minimal with easy access to all features and categories of news. Browsing through the stories and the app itself is effortless.
If it only the news relating to cannabis that you are concerned with, then the New Cannabis Ventures app is for you to go with.


Jane – Cannabis Plants Growing Partner
Think of Jane as your personalized logbook for keeping records when growing cannabis plants. With the help of this app from Growithjane, you get complete guidance over the whole process, from planting seeds to harvesting. It keeps you organized with related tasks.

This app consists of growth logs and reminders for essential tasks. Further, you also get a custom planner for timely watering and feeding the plants. Jane helps you keep things simple to make for an excellent cannabis culture experience. Apart from these, Jane also enables you to keep track of your trees and environments, and you also get the liberty of clicking and storing pictures of your plants.

Jane manages to stick to the primary purpose of the app by having a task-focused design. Every aspect of the app is clearly labeled or indicated for the user to understand and perform the intended task.

Socialization is a social interaction app from Evergreen Buzz. This mobile marijuana app lets you explore other cannabis users on the Internet. Further, you get the ability to connect and stay in touch with others (via messages) and take part in discussions and know about events like a marijuana business conference. The app is very much capable of posting media content like images and videos and sharing it with everyone in WeedFeed.

Regarding cannabis related information, you get to view businesses, menus, photos, videos, and reviews about cannabis. Apart from these, you get a dedicated blog with latest stories in and around the cannabis sphere.
The app UI is pretty similar to the other socializing apps out in the market, so using this mobile app would not be a problem if you are acquainted with the most socializing apps.

If socializing with your cannabis buddies is your priority, then this is the app for you.


MyWeed – Weed Growing Game
MyWeed from Askdevelop is best for casual gaming while tending your desires as a cannabis farmer in a virtual world. In the game, you are provided with a plant along with various options to go with like destroy, water, fertilizer, shop, and extra. The primary purpose of the game is to grow a virtual cannabis plant, which requires you to collect coins to buy essentials like potions. You get to collect these coins by playing the available mini weed games. Collect enough, and you get to buy your requisites.

Additionally, you also have to perform specific tasks to get achievements and also get a basic idea about various weed types through its database.
MyWeed is an effective time killer to keep you engaged for those short moments when you are waiting on someone or are just bored.

Weed Firm: Replanted
Weed Firm: Replanted from Koolbros is a highly-engaging role-playing game. In this game, you act as a botanist whose primary aim is to plant, grow and sell various marijuana strains to make money. Additionally, you also get tasks and challenges to keep you engaged. Further, you have to perform specific tasks like customizing shop, adding accessories to attract customers. To make the game even more challenging, you have to defend your store against cops, thugs and aliens.

All in all, it is an effective way to kill time while nurturing a hobby for growing plants.

That concludes the best marijuana mobile apps in the market.