If you are an antique collector but you are uncomfortable with the idea of visiting the flea market for shopping vintage items, then you will be glad to know that you have a great alternate option available: online shopping.

Nowadays, there are plenty of mobile apps that can help you browse and purchase antique pieces pretty conveniently. These apps are great for antique collectors who want to avoid the hassles of buying at flea markets or bidding at auction houses.

Following are the best mobile apps for antique collectors:

5 Miles
5 Miles is a really useful and cool flea market app that is ideal for anyone looking to buy antique items, e.g. poison ring, vintage furniture, etc. locally. The app allows you to filter and select the items that are available in your neighborhood and decide if the antique piece you are looking for is somewhere between 5 miles and 50 miles away. This is a good alternative to attending garage sales or swap meets.

5 Miles has strong functionality and user-friendly interface. It highlights items by ‘lowest or highest price’, ‘closest’, ‘most recent’, and ‘most relevant’ to have the items sorted accordingly. The best thing about this app is that it is completely free to use.

Varage Sale
Varage Sale is one of the best mobile apps for collectors because it brings together the best of brick-and-mortar world with the online vintage shopping world, making it both fun and safe for buyers who are looking to buy antique pieces like poison ring, Persian rug, vintage furniture, etc.

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The app has feed of items that is constantly updated, along with categories that make it easy to find what you wish to buy. If you bought an antique piece from a seller and you are happy with the transaction, you can leave a review about the seller as well as add them to your favorite sellers list. This is a great way to create your own virtual community.

Close 5
Close 5 is a fun and easy way to buy antique items as it brings together buyers and sellers within a 5-mile radius. Sellers can list their vintage items very quickly and add photos captured via their phones, along with a short description and asking price.

Buyers looking to buy the item can contact the sellers to negotiate the price. With this app, you can find local deals on antique items in a number of different categories. You can also extend your search radius to 50 miles if you are having a difficulty finding the desired item.


Carousell is a free app that allows you to trade second-hand and vintage items. There are wide range of categories, including antiques, bikes, cars, branded goods, books, art, furniture, etc., making it a breeze to search and find what you wish to buy.

The integrated keyword system and the user-friendly interface of the app help you find offers quickly. All in all, the catalogue inspired interface and the community features of the Carousell app make for an easy and safe option to trade a wide range of antique objects, making it one of the best mobile apps for collectors.

As you can see, there are several quality mobile apps that are suitable for antique collectors. It is recommended that you choose the one that best suits your preferences.