Let’s face it, we all at some point of our life bought a prescription drug that was way too expensive than we could ever imagine but we bought it just because it was prescribed by the doctor and we had to get rid of the particular disease asap. Not many people know about this but prescription drugs have different prices in different pharmacies. A lot of pharmacies sale the drugs at quite an increased price and then there are some pharmacies out there where you can easily get the same overpriced drugs at a reasonable rate.

The Increasing Price Of Prescription Drugs

It is but very obvious that you cannot guess or know about the original price of a medicine if you are not a doctor or someone related to the medical industry. In such a situation, it can actually become a problem for someone to buy a prescription drug because the price of these drugs is increasing at a rapid pace and according to a survey $269.2 billion was spent by the Americans on prescription drugs in 2011. Now, it’s already 2018 and you can easily guess how much this figure would have increased.

Now, if you are someone who wants to know the proper price of a drug and nearest place where you can easily get cheap medicines and some discount drug coupon then yes, you are at the right place, reading the right article. Today we will be jotting down some of the best applications out there that can help you get drug coupons so that you can easily buy your medicine without breaking a bank.


This is so far the best application where you can easily get a discount of 10% to 85%. Yes, you read it right, this application will let you compare the prices of your medicines with those of the local pharmacies and the best part is that with LowestMed, you will be able to locate your nearest pharmacy where you can get your particular drug at a reasonable rate. All you have to do is to download this app and then write your prescribed drug in the search engine. There you will get several results with discount codes and prices to compare.


With this application you can get discounts and drug coupons too for more than 6000 drugs in 75000 pharmacies. Again, with GoodRX, you can easily compare the price of your medicine at local pharmacies and on the internet too. You can also get some generic drugs on this app that too for free. So, if you really want to get some off on your prescription drugs then GoodRX is what you need to install right at the moment.

OTC Plus

This application is the best one because it is designed by the board certified doctors and the best part about OTC Plus is that here you can get the list of over the counter medications that meet your symptoms. In short, you can say that is it more of a mini pharmacy on your phone and another amazing thing is that this applications sends on and off drug coupon codes on your mobile phone so you just have to head to your nearest pharmacy and show the code there in order to get some great discounts.

These are a few must have applications on your phone especially if you are someone who has to purchase prescribed drugs quite often. So, don’t wait any further, get your hands on any one of the above-mentioned apps and get some great discounts.