For MBA applicants all around the world, the fearsome GMAT often becomes the toughest hurdle on the long road to reputable business schools. It’s true that most of the schools now accept the GRE, but GMAT still remains the founding pillar for an MBA application if you want to hit the jackpot.

Here are some important tips to guide your GMAT exam preparation.

1. Identify the learning style suitable for you and then look for a resource that fits. You would come across plenty of GMAT study resources enough to puzzle you. The best thing would be to think about your previous exam success and try to channelize those experiences in the GMAT preparation. The interactive mode of the Economist GMAT Tutor often becomes very helpful. The online platform resembles the actual GMAT, which calms your nerves and enhances confidence on the day of the exam.

2. Watch the clock carefully. There has always been a fine line between the timing during an exam and its ability to stress you out. So, don’t ignore the clock! GMAT happens to be the most time-sensitive exam you would encounter. Focus on the time-per-question method while practicing and try to simulate exam day scenarios in your prep tests.

3. Always minimize your exam day stress. Get a brief idea about the location of your exam center, arrive as early as possible, make sure to eat a solid breakfast; all of these tips we have heard several times but the fact is we forget to put those into action when they matter most!

4. During preparation make sure to follow exactly what you plan to do in the exam. The GMAT comes with a unique format and the difficulty level climbs up the better you handle the questions; so you have to repeat tests which challenge you the same way. Such as knowing exactly where the answer button is located may spare you a few vital seconds, and it is invaluable in timed tests. The best advice is to go for a preparation course that includes mostly computer adaptive tests.

5. Don’t ever focus only on your weak points; you have to improve your strengths also. For instance, in the exam, you can compensate for a decent score in one section with a jackpot score in the other one. Give plenty of time to prepare and a wise advice would don’t just passively go through the material; repeat practicing the questions and adjust the timing. A day before the examination, try to schedule a prep test later in the afternoon and just relax all day free from all other responsibilities. This will give you relaxing morning before you leave for the exam center.

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