In recent years, CBD has grown exponentially in popularity thanks to the increased social acceptance of cannabis use and its legalization in more and more states. The enthusiasm of modern CBD consumers has also pushed another industry trend forward: a partnership between tech startups and CBD manufacturers. As a result, there are now many sites and apps to help consumers navigate the

CBD world. Following are some of the most innovative CBD mobile apps you can download now:

Weedmaps is arguably the most popular cannabis app that you can download at the moment. It is a one-stop shop for tons of CBD consumer knowledge and a mix of Amazon, Yelp, and Google Maps for brands, doctors, delivery services, and dispensaries. If you own a business that sells CBD edibles or other cannabis products, you can add it to the Weedmaps directory. The app also provides extensive information on strains and allows you to stay up-to-date on new laws and advocacy in progress all over the map.

Leafly started as an online website for CBD strains and it offers a lot of information on pedigree, effects, and flavors. As a CBD consumer, you can use it along with Weedmaps to keep yourself updated on everything surrounding their listings. By using this cannabis app, you can map out where CBD distributers are near you and stay updated on the latest news regarding THC and CBD products. Furthermore, the app also provides resources to help you figure out which CBD products are best for a specific ailment.

The Releaf cannabis app has been designed for cannabis patients. You can use it to track doses, symptom levels, and more to figure out what treatments are working best for you. The app generates reliable reports after collecting the required data. You can share these reports with dispensaries and doctors to discuss and modify your treatment plans.

If you are interested in growing cannabis, then this app is for you. It was designed for individuals who live in states where it is allowed to grow cannabis at home. As a home grower, you can use the app to learn valuable information about CBD, record important data, as well as learn how to grow cannabis plants rich in CBD content.

This is another great cannabis app for you if you are interested in growing your own CBD edibles and producing other CBD products. It’s basically a 3D grow simulator that allows you to practice before you grow cannabis in real life. This is virtual hands-on learning at its finest. From watering, humidity, crossing-breeding, and more, the app provides a lot of useful information to help you learn about growing cannabis.

In conclusion, recent tech trends are taking the CBD industry by storm. As a result, consumers now have plenty of tools to learn about the products they are interested in. Cannabis apps, like the ones listed above, are particularly helpful for new CBD consumers who want to explore what this industry has to offer.