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The Best Fitness App for Weight Loss

Are you planning to lose weight? Do not have time for gym? Looking for a fitness trainer? All these questions have
a single answer “Fitness App”. Providing you with a trainer present inside your home that will help you in losing
weight or getting fit. The simpler and cheaper way to achieve your Weight Loss goals.

A fitness app is an application that can be downloaded on any mobile device and can be used anywhere you go.
These apps are available on both iPhone operating system (iOS) and Android. These apps include various features
from tracking caloric intake, counting your daily steps, working out ideas or routines, personalized workouts,
fitness advice, nutrition plans and much more.

Importance of Fitness

Fitness not only includes physical fitness but also includes mental health of a person. As we know that “healthy
body, healthy mind” so for being completely fit a person should both be physically and mentally fit. Proper
functioning of a body can help a person in achieving in mental fitness. One can help relax his mind and eliminate
stress by exercising regularly and having a proper diet.

Individuals who are physically fit are likewise healthier, can keep up their most ideal weight, and are additionally
not inclined to cardiovascular and other medical issues. A person who is fit both physically and mentally is strong
enough to face the ups and downs of life, and is not affected by drastic changes if they take place.

Benefits of Using Fitness App
With the increasing trend of technology and mobile applications, fitness apps have developed a great interest in
people around the world. These fitness apps help in providing greater benefits in less time. Some of these benefits

– Proper Caloric Check: You must check your calories intake, because you might be consuming a healthy
food with good protein to carb ratios, but the amount of the food intake might have gotten bigger. So,
you should start measuring the amount and regain the control of every day’s calorie intake. His could be
made possible by using fitness apps.

– Muscle Strengthening: Want to have 6 packs? Start defining and strengthening your muscles. Cardio does
burns calories, but having more muscles can takes your calorie burn up a notch. Muscles mass reduces
with lack of use, so you need to build and maintain your muscles and carry out strength training.
Moreover, muscles are the secret to an increased weight loss. Start getting guidance from your phone
lying right beside you.

– No Gym Workouts: Thinking about losing weight without joining gym? Technology has made it possible
for you. Through mobile fitness apps, you can carry out your weight loss routines without going to gym.
This would save you time and money required for traveling to gym.

Moreover, exercise during very limited free time, without equipment or enough space has been made
possible. No more gym workouts required to lose weight. Mobile fitness app is your new fitness trainer
available in cheaper rates.

– Weight Loss Workout: Add variety to your workouts and do not stick to the only ones that you find easy.
For better results, you must surprise your body now and then as it gets used to the exercise it does
repeatedly. Try seeking help from fitness apps that provides you with variety of workout routines.

Moreover, you can get your daily steps counted by these apps as well, thus make the working out routine
more fun.

– Proper Nutrition Guide: Proper nutritional intake is necessary for every individual. Whether you are on a
diet or not you must not starve yourself. Rather eat less when you are hungry. Do not follow a routine of
having 2 huge meals in a day instead prefer eating a small amount of meals throughout the day. This will
help you to eat less at a sitting and get your metabolism really working hard. Such tips and guidance can
be provided to you by fitness apps thus leading towards a healthy life.

Best Fitness Apps of 2018

Some of the best health and fitness apps of 2018 includes:

1. Aaptiv
Aaptiv is an app best for comprehensive training. it provides you with classes to help you work toward your goals.
At least 30 classes are added to Aaptiv every week, and you get unlimited use with your subscription. Thus, you
won’t find yourself doing the same workouts over and over. Moreover, the app features more than 2,500 audio
classes, with 15 trainers creating new ones each week.

2. Keelo
Keelo is best for quick-hit workouts. It provides fast-paced workouts lasting between 7 and 20 minutes. If done
three times a week, it’ll deliver the results soon. The best thing about the app is that it has both bodyweight
workouts and workouts with equipment, so whether you’re in the gym or at home you can always take help fromit.

3. Lose It! Calorie Counter
Lose It! Calorie Counter is best for nutrition tracking. The Fitness App keeps things simple, and it’s perfect for beginners
who are just getting started with meal tracking. It breaks down meals by breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. It
may not be for advanced dieters, but it's definitely a great starter.

4. MyPlate by Livestrong
MyPlate is another app best for nutrition tracking. One of its best features is being its free, detailed eight-week
meal plans that are tailored to your goals and you’re eating preferences. The app works by starting a meal plan,
you choose a starting date, then start to receive daily emails, including weekly grocery lists. Moreover, if you are
short on time but want to get moving you can also browse through quick workouts in the app.

The Social App Weepo Wants To Make Fitness Enjoyable

Given that releasing in October, Weepo has actually included filtering system (such as by size, playlist as well as trouble) and also strolling courses based upon customer responses.

Unlike Humble Warrior, which likewise has its very own interior stationary bicycle, Weepo does not make any type of equipment. It is partnering with a firm that does: Life Health and fitness, which is incorporating the app right into its treadmills.

A large impact for Weepo is Humble Warrior, an interior biking business that focuses on live-streamed as well as on-demand spinning courses. Weepo’s supervisor of material as well as programs, Lisa Niren, is a previous head instructor for Humble Warrior. She’s assisting construct Weepo’s course offerings and also teacher base.

Weepo is simply one method Life Physical fitness has actually been including extra personalized, individual experiences to its 21-inch treadmill console displays. The firm lately presented Netflix as well as Hulu streaming, as well as it is quickly incorporating Apple GymKit, so its cardio tools could couple with Apple Watch. Its preferred Discover SE3 console likewise currently has RunSocial, an application with digital running paths.

” Our largest emphasis is to earn running, strolling, running not draw, which is truly driven by the teachers,” she claimed.

” Now it’s simply interior on a treadmill, however at some point we’ll increase,” Baptiste stated. “Keep tuned.”

Ultimately, Weepo seems suitable with even more gadgets, and also go off the treadmill, as well.

” We believe the future of web content remains in electronic memberships,” stated Baptiste. “Our team believe just what Spotify as well as Netflix did to home entertainment and also flicks, the very same is mosting likely to take place to physical fitness.”

As the creator and also Chief Executive Officer of Weepo, Baptiste wishes to alter that.

Like shop Weepo courses, the application showcases a leaderboard, so you could contend in genuine time versus various other customers. Unlike them, it’s more affordable– memberships are as reduced as $8.33 a month, billed annual.

Jason Baptiste would certainly be the initial to inform you working on a treadmill isn’t really enjoyable.

” We understand that the customized training experience is something that individuals are actually urged and also inspired by,” stated Lauren Platt, a spokesperson forever Physical fitness, whose treadmills prevail at resorts and also physical fitness clubs such as Equinox. “Exercisers wish to stroll right into a health club currently and also seem like they’re obtaining a personalized experience.”

” Operating on a treadmill draws, to be factor space,” claimed the New york city business owner, that does a 5K daily. “It is exceptionally monotonous.”

Weepo will certainly be piloted at restricted areas with Life Physical fitness treadmills beginning today.

The iphone application supplies a collection of treadmill-based, audio running courses and also collection (like a no to 5K). Fitness instructors, that come from shop Weepos like Orangetheory Physical fitness, CityRow, Flywheel as well as Humble Warrior, give guideline on readjusting rate as well as slope.

Top 5 Fitness Apps to Keep You Fit

Being fit involves keeping the body and mind in good shape. In this day and age, there are different mobile fitness applications that can help you keep track of your fitness at home workouts.

Whatever your fitness program is whether you intend to build muscle, burn calories, or just exercise to maintain fitness, here top five fitness apps to help you achieve your health goal.


This is considered as one of the best fitness training apps. Endomondo app allows you to track the progress of your fitness plan. It has an easy and user-friendly interface. It allows you record pep talks for your friends and loved ones. It has a list-to-do option which allows you create a proper fitness plan. The app is free to use.


MyFitnessPal has a list of over six million different classes of foods to help you keep track of calories in accordance with your workout plan. The use of this fitness app is not free. The app is a calorie counter helps you record your previous workout sessions in order to keep a record of your fitness plan.


MapMyRun tracks the progress of your jogging, running or walking done to keep fit. It has an online social community where you can interact with friends and meet new people that share same body fitness objective. With a mobile device, your GPS switched on, you can have a great experience with each workout routine.


You can track your walk, jogs and bike ride with this fitness app. This Android wear support is integrated with music applications which allows you enjoy the music of your choice during a workout routine.

Stronglifts 5×5 Workout

This is the right fitness app for those look for intense workout apps. Video workouts, stunner and scheduling options to help you achieve optimum fitness are incorporated into this fitness app. It comes with Android wear support. The interface is very easy to use.

There you have it! These are the top five fitness app you should have today to maintain your health.

The Best Bars in Austin

For millions of people worldwide, having an excuse to step outside, rejuvenate and socialize in the nice evening is essential! Meeting your group of buddies, having a pint with your favorite people and party like a king are some of the things which might describe what a perfect bar is! Everyone has a favorite urban spot but if you are new to Austin or still hasn’t found your perfect place to hangout then here is an expansive list of some of the best bars which our local experts have picked for you! Take a quick tour of the some of the local bars and classy establishments around the town where you can toast with creative icy cocktail

Easy Tiger

With a rotating menu of obscure wines and beers, go this place if you want to be surprised. The décor of floors and furnishings will certainly surprise you and the quality of food and amazing drinks will make you fall in love with the unpretentious atmosphere of this bar! There is no-reservation policy and hence if you want to have your drink before it sells out fast, go early!

W Austin

W Austin is a proper boozer place with two floors for partying! Sit back and soak up the enthusiastic atmosphere while rewarding yourself with a drink from the wide range of choice. It has got one of the finest and well thought interiors with graffiti and urban landscape mix. This spacious, multi-room hotel is perfect for grabbing cocktails and lounging. But yes come prepared to brave the crowd as this place is often crowded.

Lustre Pearl

This pub is one of the best spots in the city to give something unique to your drinking buds! With its sprawling backyard and outdoor sitting, this place is termed out as entertainment district. Can you imagine freshly squeezed Orange and Spring Vodka can turn out to be one of the bestselling cocktails? If you are surprised then visit here for some of the unique concoctions and fruity treats.

Bar Congress

A five star congress restaurant, this dark, narrow and classy place is must visit if you are in Austin. The drinks will amaze your every taste bud and simply erase the memory of every drink that you ever had! The comfortable setup and the refreshing drinks set up a perfect environment for a nice evening. So if you want to sit back and relax in a cosy and plush setting while some of the artistic bartenders serve you, then this place is for you! Bonus tip: lookout for happy hour guide on the app on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

Austin is undoubtedly known as one of the hard drinking cities of America but the number of bar options it offers is incredible. And these are just a few of the best bars in Austin. This texas city is known for taking the drinks to a new level with blended ice and alcohol! So if you are in town then grab your spot now and find a bar for a beer, champagne and cocktail toast with your dear people and who knows you get to taste flavored smooch as well!

What’s the Best Bar in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, also known as the City of Angels, is packed with attractions such as the Hollywood Sign, Angels Flight, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Hollywood Boulevard, Staples Center, Dolby Theatre, Hollywood Bowl and Griffith Observatory. If you are in Los Angeles and want to experience its night life, you should include the following bars in your must-visit list.

Sunset & Vinyl

Sunset And Vinyl is located above 800 Degrees Pizza. You just need to enter 800 Degrees, follow the hall to the bathrooms, take the stairs and you will find a bar serving fantastic cocktails. The bar gives off the feeling of a salon in a mansion during the 1940s. There are old records and large, cozy chairs where you can relax.

A Simple Bar

A Simple Bar is the perfect getaway for Hollywood and Valley residents who want to enjoy low-key midweek cocktails. The bar has a large floor-to-ceiling television and friendly bartenders. Live music is also held on some nights.


Oriel is a new wine bar and restaurant in Chinatown. The bar is dimly-lit and has a small side patio where couples can spend time together. The wine list is concise, but packed with unique and interesting drinks to try.

The San Fernando

The San Fernando is situated in an industrial section of western Glendale. It serves affordable drinks and has amicable bartenders who are keen to serve their guests. Nightly live music is also held in a small stage.

The Bird Cage

Walking into The Bird Cage feels like you are entering a 1980’s Miami-themed house party. The bar is located in the loft of The Victorian and has two bars, a living room area and an outdoor patio. A few drag queens can be seen walking around entertaining guests and making things more exciting for everyone.

Art Major

Are you looking for something new? If you are tired of the usual bars in town, you can always visit Art Major. It’s an art bar in Ktwon that allows you to play various old-school board games, take Polaroid pictures and doodle in different coloring books. It serves beer and wine only.

Good Measure

Good Measure is located in Atwater Village. It was opened by the Bar Covell team and features an extensive list of wine. Good Measure also serves solid bar food such as pork rillettes. The indoor and outdoor space is perfect for relaxing on a Wednesday night. The bar’s friendly staff can also teach you about wine. It’s a great way to learn something new and enjoy a good glass of wine at the same time.


Lono is located in the heart of Hollywood Blvd. It is a spacious tiki bar that has gained so much popularity thanks to the kind of casual crowd, strong drinks and exciting space you will find here.

These are only some of the best bars in Los Angeles. Whether you are looking for classics or you want to try something new, there is always a bar that can meet your needs. If you want to make your search easier, you can use a bar app or brewery app to find the best bar in the area. Aside from helping you find the best cocktail bar or local bar, the app can also help you find discounts on drinks.

App Marketing

SocialNightlife is a platform that allows bars and nightclubs to showcase their offers and generate more leads. The idea behind this app is simple. The client downloads Quorum, and the app will automatically let him know about any type of bars and drinking opportunities in the region.

Aside from doing just that, SocialNightlife also gives advice such as discounts for specific bars, and it even says where the bar is located. The best part is that the platform automatically selects things based on the desired area. It makes a lot of sense, and it certainly brings in front a distinct sense of convenience, which is exactly what you need to have.

Moreover, everything is done via the app. As a result, the customer doesn’t have to go on the web and study various bars and reviews. It’s all available in a single place, and that makes the entire process and the experience more fun and convenience. But Quorum can also be used for app marketing.

How can Quorum help you with app marketing?

Simply put, as a bar owner, you want to have more and more people coming to your business. The problem here is that it’s hard to get the exposure you want without investing a lot of money. PPC ads are great, but that does mean you have to pay for any person that clicks on your website. It’s not exactly convenient, and the return on investment is not amazing this way.

Quorum’s app marketing approach is a lot better. By becoming a SocialNightlife partner, you get to share information about your business within the platform. Everything is easier and simpler for you, since you have complete control over the entire experience, and the value does get better because of that.

Thanks to Quorum and its app marketing approach, you can get a huge exposure, and you don’t have to pay for any lead generated by the app. This way you have a constant presence in a niche app that helps targeted customers find you online.

Not only that, but Quorum goes even further by offering various discounts. Finding the right platform is interesting, and it can bring you some astonishing benefits without that much of a hassle. And while it’s certainly challenging to get those first customers, if you opt for app marketing you will get much better results. Plus, the investment you need to make is minimal, yet the return can be huge from something like this.

If you want to take your bar business to new levels, then app marketing via Quorum can be a very good option. This way you can get the attention of new customers all the time. That’s particularly helpful if you want to generate more exposure and leads for your business regardless of what drinks you serve. You should consider using Quorum for promoting your bar in the local area. You get to have more leads and customers, and people will get to know more about your business in the long run. In fact, you can even share discounts if you want. The app marketing possibilities brought by Quorum are limitless, so you should consider checking it out!

Qorum is about to change the way you travel the world

When you are in a new place the worst thing you have to deal with is looking for best places where you can spend some quality time. When you are free only for a few hours you would not like to waste that time on looking for places.

Do not worry because Qorum has the best solution for you. In this age of technology, Qorum will help you make the most out of your trip.

Discover the best places

First thing first with Qorum you can find all the best places in town. You will be amazed to know that it will only show you the places that will suit your style whether it is a hotel, restaurant or a bar. All the packages and rates of the destination will be available and if there are any discounted offers you will be notified.

Buy your favorite drinks

Qorum has the biggest list of bars and so you can enjoy the best drink at every bar by using the amazing Drink App. All you have to do is type in the name of the drink that you would like to enjoy and it will show you the place where your drink is available. Within minutes you will be sipping the best cocktail.

Pay through technology

In case that you have forgotten your credit card at home, there is nothing to worry about.

  • There is special feature is Qorum brewery app that will allow you to pay through your phone

  • The app will get connected to the accounts of bar and your bill will be paid

  • Just carry your smartphone and there is nothing to worry about money.

Get special discounts

In case you are on a tight budget do not worry because Qorum brings for you the Drink Discount App. Once you have enjoyed a few shots it will provide you the opportunity to get discounts on rest of your drinks. It means you can enjoy as many cocktails as you like without worry about your budget.

Get free rides

If you are out of cash, you can easily get a free ride back home with Qorum. On your every three rounds, you can unlock the free Uber rides. Nothing to worry about the distance or traffic because when the ride is free you are even allowed to go on a long drive alone without any worry.

Bottom line

The best thing about Qorum is that it is accessible 24/7. You can use the application anytime and anywhere you want. It has been developed with the latest technology and within seconds you will get the required information about your destination.

The application is easy to use and all you have to do is sign up on the official website. It is a highly secure platform and your information will never be shared with any third-party. So you can enjoy some stress-free time. Qorum is the applications that you should always have on your phone.

Important tips while Preparing for the GMAT Exam In Mobile Apps

For MBA applicants all around the world, the fearsome GMAT often becomes the toughest hurdle on the long road to reputable business schools. It’s true that most of the schools now accept the GRE, but GMAT still remains the founding pillar for an MBA application if you want to hit the jackpot.

Here are some important tips to guide your GMAT exam preparation.

1. Identify the learning style suitable for you and then look for a resource that fits. You would come across plenty of GMAT study resources enough to puzzle you. The best thing would be to think about your previous exam success and try to channelize those experiences in the GMAT preparation. The interactive mode of the Economist GMAT Tutor often becomes very helpful. The online platform resembles the actual GMAT, which calms your nerves and enhances confidence on the day of the exam.

2. Watch the clock carefully. There has always been a fine line between the timing during an exam and its ability to stress you out. So, don’t ignore the clock! GMAT happens to be the most time-sensitive exam you would encounter. Focus on the time-per-question method while practicing and try to simulate exam day scenarios in your prep tests.

3. Always minimize your exam day stress. Get a brief idea about the location of your exam center, arrive as early as possible, make sure to eat a solid breakfast; all of these tips we have heard several times but the fact is we forget to put those into action when they matter most!

4. During preparation make sure to follow exactly what you plan to do in the exam. The GMAT comes with a unique format and the difficulty level climbs up the better you handle the questions; so you have to repeat tests which challenge you the same way. Such as knowing exactly where the answer button is located may spare you a few vital seconds, and it is invaluable in timed tests. The best advice is to go for a preparation course that includes mostly computer adaptive tests.

5. Don’t ever focus only on your weak points; you have to improve your strengths also. For instance, in the exam, you can compensate for a decent score in one section with a jackpot score in the other one. Give plenty of time to prepare and a wise advice would don’t just passively go through the material; repeat practicing the questions and adjust the timing. A day before the examination, try to schedule a prep test later in the afternoon and just relax all day free from all other responsibilities. This will give you relaxing morning before you leave for the exam center.

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Top Iphone Apps

Whether you have just picked up a new iPhone and wondering what the best apps to download in your phone or looking for an application revamp, the following apps are some of the best iOS apps, and it is a must to have these apps on your phones for various purposes.


We are constantly worried about our security, and we want to keep our mobiles and applications safely. But it is also a tough job to remember all the passwords for multiple things. The 1Password app syncs with your desktop app, and it keeps an account of all your passwords in a secure place. As remembering passwords for various apps can be difficult you can download 1Password where you just have to remember one password and the app will do the job of saving all your other passwords securely.


We all are in need of cabs at some point of the day. Even though there are many cabs on the road, there are times when we simply can’t get a cab at the time we want them. To save yourself some time you can download the lyft application where you can schedule your pick up and drop location. The charges are usually much lesser than what is charged by the taxi drivers. The app works in a way that if the rides to your destination have a higher demand, then the prices will also go high. You also have the facility to share your ride, where you can share your ride with another person who is going to the same destination as yours.

Dark Sky:

One of the other things we constantly worry about is the weather condition. The dark sky is a brilliant app that predicts the weather condition of the exact location you are in, and it also tells you the weather at that particular time. The app is particular, and it also has other fascinating features like maps, widgets etc.


Who does not love listening to some music? Your day becomes better when you listen to some music. The app Spotify allows you to listen to your favourite music. The app also has a radio feature where you can discover the new tunes and also play the latest tracks on your phone. You have options to choose playlists on the radio and sync it to your phone and even listen to the track offline. The app does not allow any ads, and you will not constantly be bothered with annoying ads that get played in the middle of your music track.


Have you ever had an idea out of nowhere and wanted to write it down so that you can use it later. Evernote app allows you to write down your ideas. It is a virtual notebook where you can write down anything you want and even download pictures or videos. You can save images and even audio files.


Top 5 Android Apps

Mobile applications have become a part of us, and we have started to depend on them on a large scale. Google Play Store has a lot of apps that are quite useful and entertaining to most of us. There are just too many useful apps that you cannot just list all of them.

Top 5 Android Apps

The following some of the best android apps in the world:


One of the things we constantly check is the weather condition. Most of us check the weather forecasts on the news or get updates from the local radio channel.  1Weather provides you weather updates on your phone, and it is a brilliant app that will show the weather forecast for the next 12 weeks. The app also shows you fun stats and other customisable widgets which will serve as a notification if a storm is coming or if it is going to be a nice sunny day. You have a free version and a paid version. The paid version is about $1.99, and you will not see any additional ads on the paid version.

Google Maps:

Google Maps is undoubtedly one of the best Apps in the world. It is a brilliant application which provides you navigation routes. You also get traffic updates and the best possible route to take to reach your destination. You also have a voice that directs you while driving. Google maps also have other features like nearest gas stations, places of interest, rest stops etc. Navigation has become so much easier with Google Maps, and it has changed our driving experience.


Everyone wants our Android apps to be safe and secure. We are so much concerned about our privacy, and we do not want our data to be lost or stolen. ExpressVPN is an excellent app to keep your Android devices safe especially when you have your device connected to a public Wi-Fi. The app acts as a stable VPN, and it is a secure brand. It is also very fast and safe to access. They have their servers in about 78 countries and over 100 locations all over the world.

Pocket Casts:

If you are a podcast lover, then you will certainly love the pocket cast application. The app is very stable and also very easy to access. You can download and stream multiple podcasts and enjoy them on your phone. The app also features video podcasts and also audio-only support so that you can play anything you want. You also have a light and dark theme in the app, and you have a sign-in option which allows you to sync all your podcasts with many devices.


Textra is an excellent texting mobile app which allows you to send SMS and MMS messages. The app also has a group text where you can send text messages to a group of people. You also have a bot which provides you updates about the message delivery.

I’d recommend Evidcomm anytime to any company looking for a professional iphone app programmer. I actually did not expect that I would get a developer that could complete the task desperately – but I was wrong and I received my app delivered within 24 hours!

Hi Samir Just wanted to let you know that the app works out perfect! RRB- I’ve already submitted it for review with Apple – so soon it’ll be published in the app shop RRB- Thanks once again for rapid communication and terrific work!








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