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With the increase in cannabis and CBD use over the past few years to treat certain conditions, such as anxiety and pain, the need for a great cannabis app is more important than ever before. An app that allows you to track your usage and symptoms over time is beneficial for effectively treating any condition. It is also helpful for sharing information with a health care provider. Releaf is just one app that does this. It provides a personal experience for every user and helps you figure out what works best. Releaf is an app that allows you to track everything you experience while using cannabis and CBD.

You can use this app to track what you use, how you use it, why you use it, and how much you use. You are then able to keep track of symptoms, how you feel, and any side effects you may have experienced after using cannabis or CBD. As you track more, the app gets to know you well. The app can help you decide what new products to purchase and even help you make decisions when it comes to treatment. Releaf provides you with regular reports that you can share with others, like a doctor, and learn about your usage and any changes over time.

Because no two people are exactly alike when it comes to their feelings and symptoms, a decent cannabis app should make the treatment journey feel personal and unique. To start off using Releaf, you can begin a highly personalized session. You choose from a list of symptoms and rate each one based on how you are feeling at that moment. You choose your product and the method you use, such as vaping or tincture, and then you wait. The app starts a timer, and you can let it go as long as you like.

Every time you use your product during a session, you tap the button to track it and adjust the symptom slider based on how you feel. Sessions also have tabs for notes and feelings. If you have any thoughts you want to remember during a session, you can write them down in a note. In the feelings tab, you can keep track of specific feelings related to your mind, body, mood, or any other side effects you experience. Both notes and feelings are time-stamped, so you can go back and learn if certain products take effect quicker than others or how they make you feel after a certain amount of time. For example, you may find that CBD edibles take an hour to kick in and you feel peaceful a couple of hours later. You would track this in the feelings tab to keep in mind later on.

Two helpful sections on the app are the Insights section and the 30-Day Report. The Insights section shows you your patterns and history. It provides you with a breakdown of all products you have tried, the symptoms you have been trying to treat, and all the feelings you have tracked up to that point. The 30-Day Report Section shows you how everything has been going and what works and does not work. This report shows you a calendar with all your sessions and lets you see your patterns and symptoms over the last thirty days.

This helps you figure out if certain products work better for certain symptoms, if there are strains that you tend to consume more of, or if anything is not helping you at all. If you want to find a doctor to speak with about your symptoms, the Releaf app can help with that as well. This app has a Doctors Partner Program, which allows doctors and medical groups to partner with the app to help assist users on their health journeys. Doctors can keep track of how their patients are doing with their treatment and they can also gather data on cannabis and CBD use to help them when treating patients in the future. App users can request to speak with a doctor anytime who can answer their questions and help them come up with an effective treatment plan.

Dispensaries can also partner with the Releaf app to help grow their business. By gathering data through the app, management can determine what their most popular products are and which ones are the most effective in treating symptoms. Knowing this information can help with marketing. Dispensaries can decide which products to promote more often based on the reports of their own customers. It also allows them to make suggestions to other customers since they are able to learn what works best and what does not.

Some also provide incentives to their customers who use the app because it benefits them both. Although some people may be worried about their information being shared with others, this information is always shared anonymously. The Releaf app does not share any identifying information, including notes added during sessions. Their goal in sharing information is to offer feedback to everyone involved in the supply chain so that the industry as a whole can come up with the best practices and give customers the best options based on what they really need.

With 233 ratings, Releaf has a 4.7 rating on the Apple store. On the Google Play Store, the app has a 4.2 rating. People find it helpful in remembering how they feel over time and in learning what really works for them personally as opposed to what works for people in general. While some people feel that the app requires too much work to be done, most feel that this amount of work is necessary if they really want to treat their symptoms and feel better overall. Whether using CBD edibles, topicals, or tinctures, the Releaf app is one that should be considered by anyone who wants a personalized journey to being healthy. The app offers a unique experience for each user and helps them learn about themselves and what works for them personally.