Being fit involves keeping the body and mind in good shape. In this day and age, there are different mobile fitness applications that can help you keep track of your fitness at home workouts.

Whatever your fitness program is whether you intend to build muscle, burn calories, or just exercise to maintain fitness, here top five fitness apps to help you achieve your health goal.


This is considered as one of the best fitness training apps. Endomondo app allows you to track the progress of your fitness plan. It has an easy and user-friendly interface. It allows you record pep talks for your friends and loved ones. It has a list-to-do option which allows you create a proper fitness plan. The app is free to use.


MyFitnessPal has a list of over six million different classes of foods to help you keep track of calories in accordance with your workout plan. The use of this fitness app is not free. The app is a calorie counter helps you record your previous workout sessions in order to keep a record of your fitness plan.


MapMyRun tracks the progress of your jogging, running or walking done to keep fit. It has an online social community where you can interact with friends and meet new people that share same body fitness objective. With a mobile device, your GPS switched on, you can have a great experience with each workout routine.


You can track your walk, jogs and bike ride with this fitness app. This Android wear support is integrated with music applications which allows you enjoy the music of your choice during a workout routine.

Stronglifts 5×5 Workout

This is the right fitness app for those look for intense workout apps. Video workouts, stunner and scheduling options to help you achieve optimum fitness are incorporated into this fitness app. It comes with Android wear support. The interface is very easy to use.

There you have it! These are the top five fitness app you should have today to maintain your health.