Los Angeles, also known as the City of Angels, is packed with attractions such as the Hollywood Sign, Angels Flight, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Hollywood Boulevard, Staples Center, Dolby Theatre, Hollywood Bowl and Griffith Observatory. If you are in Los Angeles and want to experience its night life, you should include the following bars in your must-visit list.

Sunset & Vinyl

Sunset And Vinyl is located above 800 Degrees Pizza. You just need to enter 800 Degrees, follow the hall to the bathrooms, take the stairs and you will find a bar serving fantastic cocktails. The bar gives off the feeling of a salon in a mansion during the 1940s. There are old records and large, cozy chairs where you can relax.

A Simple Bar

A Simple Bar is the perfect getaway for Hollywood and Valley residents who want to enjoy low-key midweek cocktails. The bar has a large floor-to-ceiling television and friendly bartenders. Live music is also held on some nights.


Oriel is a new wine bar and restaurant in Chinatown. The bar is dimly-lit and has a small side patio where couples can spend time together. The wine list is concise, but packed with unique and interesting drinks to try.

The San Fernando

The San Fernando is situated in an industrial section of western Glendale. It serves affordable drinks and has amicable bartenders who are keen to serve their guests. Nightly live music is also held in a small stage.

The Bird Cage

Walking into The Bird Cage feels like you are entering a 1980’s Miami-themed house party. The bar is located in the loft of The Victorian and has two bars, a living room area and an outdoor patio. A few drag queens can be seen walking around entertaining guests and making things more exciting for everyone.

Art Major

Are you looking for something new? If you are tired of the usual bars in town, you can always visit Art Major. It’s an art bar in Ktwon that allows you to play various old-school board games, take Polaroid pictures and doodle in different coloring books. It serves beer and wine only.

Good Measure

Good Measure is located in Atwater Village. It was opened by the Bar Covell team and features an extensive list of wine. Good Measure also serves solid bar food such as pork rillettes. The indoor and outdoor space is perfect for relaxing on a Wednesday night. The bar’s friendly staff can also teach you about wine. It’s a great way to learn something new and enjoy a good glass of wine at the same time.


Lono is located in the heart of Hollywood Blvd. It is a spacious tiki bar that has gained so much popularity thanks to the kind of casual crowd, strong drinks and exciting space you will find here.

These are only some of the best bars in Los Angeles. Whether you are looking for classics or you want to try something new, there is always a bar that can meet your needs. If you want to make your search easier, you can use a bar app or brewery app to find the best bar in the area. Aside from helping you find the best cocktail bar or local bar, the app can also help you find discounts on drinks.